4 Aug 2020  |  Essentia Analytics

Insight Enterprise brings the power of Essentia’s behavioral analytics to teams of equity portfolio managers, with a price structure that significantly reduces the per-portfolio cost.

Picture of the Markets Media logo

24 July 2020  |  Markets Media

New research by Essentia identifies how managers could have saved an average of 94 basis points of performance per year by selling stocks earlier. 

Investors Chronicle

16 July 2020  |  Investors Chronicle

What can investors do to overcome common behavioral mistakes? Algy Hall talks to Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, about ways to beat the biases that can ruin investment returns.
Wall Street Lab Podcast

5 June 2020  |  Wall Street Lab Podcast

Essentia CEO Clare Flynn Levy speaks to the Wall Street Lab podcast about how portfolio managers can use data analytics to make better investment decisions.

15 May 2020  |  Essentia Analytics

ISO certification recognizes Essentia’s compliance with the strictest standards of information security and an ongoing dedication to data protection excellence for its clients.

UBS Capital Consulting Conference Call

13 May 2020  |  UBS Capital Consulting

Essentia CEO Clare Flynn Levy and investment coach Denise Shull host a conference call to discuss best-practice for good decision-making in turbulent times, and the psychology that can derail us. 

Financial News - Are investors now playing with home advantage?

12 May 2020  |  Financial News

Essentia CEO, Clare Flynn Levy, speaks to Financial News about the benefits to portfolio managers of working from home.

Picture of the Markets Media logo

8 Apr 2020  |  Markets Media

Essentia CEO, Clare Flynn Levy, talks to Shanny Basar about behavioral analytics and how new data-driven insights are helping portfolio managers to uncover previously hidden sources of return.   

3 Mar 2020  |  Essentia Analytics

Essentia continues to expand its roster of tech talent with the appointment to its board of entrepreneur and B2B expert Martin Fincham.

Logo for Professional Adviser

5 Feb 2020  |  Professional Adviser

John Husselbee, Head of Multi-Asset at Liontrust, argues that active managers need to raise their game and realize the kind of behavioral alpha opportunities quantified in recent research by Essentia.

The logo for the Disciplined Investor Podcast

25 Jan 2020  | The Disciplined Investor Podcast

Host Andrew Horowitz talks to Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, about new best practice for achieving alpha, and how behavioral nudges and self-awareness can improve our investment habits.

Aite Group: Top 10 Trends in Institutional Securities & Investments, 2020

9 Jan 2020 | Aite Group

Aite cites Essentia and predicts that “Behavioral analytics become mainstream for investment management” as buy-side firms step up to address underlying challenges.

New study suggests that fund managers can outperform index funds

12 Nov 2019  | Hedgeweek

Active fund managers could preserve more than 1.2 per cent per year, net-of-fees, of outperformance versus passive index funds, according to Essentia Analytics’ latest report.

Investment Week logo

12 Nov 2019  | Investment Week

A new study published by Essentia Analytics, The Half-Full Glass, has found that active fund managers could outperform passive index funds by more than net 1.2 percentage points.

Are active managers wasting their alpha advantage?

11 Nov  | Wealth Professional

Leo Almazora reports on a new research paper from Essentia which finds that stock-pickers are undermining themselves with a basic behavioral mistake.

8 Nov 2019  | Institutional Investor

Essentia’s new research paper, The Half-Full Glass, finds that if active managers had the discipline to avoid clinging to their positions for too long, they could easily beat index funds.

“I Sell My Winners Too Early and Hold Losers.”

8 Nov 2019  | Institutional Investor

Julie Segal explores how behavioral analytics can help active investors from repeatedly making the same mistakes.


30 Oct 2019  | Essentia Analytics

For the third year running, Essentia Analytics will host Behavioral Alpha New York (BA19 NY), the leading conference dedicated to the application of behavioral science to investment decision-making.

Waters Technology Magazine

3 Oct 2019  | Waters Technology

Emilia David explores how buy-side firms are turning to behavioral analytics and new sources of data to counter the threat from fee compression and passive strategies.

CFA Society - Trading Psychology: Using Self-Awareness to Improve Your Investment Process

19 Sep 2019  |  CFA Society

Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, joins a panel of world-renowned experts on trading psychology to discuss the most common features of investor behavior and what we can glean from the latest scientific research.


28 Aug 2019  |  Real Vision

Rick Bensignor joins Brett Whysel and Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, to discuss how cognitive bias can destroy alpha and the ways that awareness and analysis can help mitigate that destruction.

The Disciplined Investor Podcast

21 Jul 2019  |  The Disciplined Investor Podcast

Podcast host Andrew Horowitz talks to Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, about the importance of tracking investment behavior and why investors – just like elite athletes – need a data-driven feedback loop to improve.

Investors Chronicle

18 Jul 2019  | Investors Chronicle

Deputy Editor Rosie Carr talks to Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, about the alpha lifecycle and how investors need to be disciplined about their exit timing or risk losing all the value they’ve built up.

The Wall Street Journal

12 Jul 2019  |  Wall Street Journal

Jason Zweig looks at new research from Essentia which shows how the endowment effect can lead active managers to damage alpha and hold positions well past their peak.

FundForum 365

5 Jul 2019  |  FundForum

Essentia CEO Clare Flynn Levy discusses the future of asset management at FundForum International 2019 in Copenhagen.

Investment Week

28 Jun 2019  |  Investment Week

Clare Flynn Levy, CEO of Essentia Analytics, explains why the Neil Woodford saga is not about transparency; it is more to do with unchecked behavioral biases.

Business Insider

12 Jun 2019  |  Business Insider

Meghan Morris profiles Essentia Analytics – a startup founded by a former hedge fund manager that gives traders as much performance feedback as athletes so they can make better decisions.

City A.M. - Letters to the Editor

6 Jun 2019  |  City A.M.

“To assess any fund manager based only on a recent historical snapshot is outdated thinking, to put it mildly.” Read Clare Flynn Levy’s letter to the editor on the Woodford fund saga.

Funds Europe

4 Jun 2019  |  Funds Europe

Nicholas Pratt talks to Chris Woodcock, Essentia Head of Research and Product, about the growing use of behavioral science in the funds industry and its potential role as the savior of active management.

The Research Puzzle

23 May 2019  |  The Research Puzzle

Tom Brakke attends Behavioral Alpha 2019 and the CFA Institute Annual Conference in London and finds new opportunities for process and performance improvement in asset management.

Bloomberg Opinion

17 May 2019  |  Bloomberg Opinion

New research presented at the Behavioral Alpha conference reveals how cognitive bias can impact investment choices and lead to identifiable alpha generation lifecycles.

The Standard Deviations Podcast - Dr Daniel Crosby

10 May 2019  |  Standard Deviations Podcast

Dr. Daniel Crosby talks to Clare Flynn Levy about the most common behavioral patterns she sees among fund managers, and why she believes the future is still bright for active management.

Ignites Europe

11 Apr 2019  |  Ignites Europe

Anne Devine talks to Jo Holden, Mercer UK CIO, and Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, about how applied AI can improve performance in the investment advisor industry.

The Irish Times

26 Mar 2019  |  The Irish Times

Proinsias O’Mahony discusses the revelation that fund manager behavior can change significantly after a winning or losing streak. Download the research referenced in the article.

Robin Strong joins Essentia as Global Head of Sales

7 Mar 2019  | Essentia Analytics

We’re growing! Robin’s appointment will help Essentia to engage fully with the increasing number of asset managers that want to adopt behavioral data analytics.

The C Suite Podcast

5 Mar 2019  |  the csuite podcast

Essentia CEO Clare Flynn Levy is interviewed in a new discussion on the impact of machine learning and behavioral analytics on asset management. Clare begins at 26:30.

Doug Dundas joins Essentia as CMO

25 Feb 2019  | Essentia Analytics

As Essentia continues to grow and attract new clients, we’re delighted to announce the appointment of our first CMO.

Frank Curzio's Wall Street Unplugged podcast

23 Jan 2019  |  Curzio Research

PODCAST – Frank Curzio discusses the new generation of behavioral data and how it’s being used by portfolio managers to understand and improve their investment performance.

Calculus Capital invests £2.5m in Essentia Analytics

23 Jan 2019  |  Calculus Capital

Calculus invests in Essentia, enabling the leading provider of behavioral analytics to further develop its service, and scale its client base of fund managers around the world.

Essentia wins investment de-biasing category at AGI Hackathon

21 Nov 2018  |  Essentia Analytics

Essentia’s technology recognized for helping to improve investment decision-making at inaugural event in London.

The Financial Times

20 Nov 2018  |  Financial Times

Robin Wigglesworth reports on how active managers are augmenting their expertise through the strategic adoption of automation, algorithms and big data.

Allianz Global Investors AI Hackathon

16 Nov 2018 | Allianz Global Investors

Photos and highlights from the Allianz AI hackathon – held November 13-15 and focused on the application of AI to the active investment process.

Institutional Investor

12 Nov 2018  |  Institutional Investor

A new research paper from Essentia, Holding the Line, finds that performance streaks, both winning and losing, change fund managers’ behavior.

New insights into fund manager behavior.

12 Nov 2018  | Essentia Analytics

Analysis across 10-years of equity portfolio manager trading activity finds that half of PMs behave differently when on a ‘streak’.

Velocity Fintech Accelerator

10 Oct 2018  |  Essentia Analytics

Essentia Analytics one of five financial technology businesses selected to take part in the UK Investment Association’s new Velocity Fintech Accelerator Program.

Brummell Magazine

17 Sep 2018  | Brummel Magazine

Clare Flynn Levy named as one of the City’s 30 most inspiring women, bringing new ways of thinking and working to the financial services industry.

Ideas and innovation for active investors

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Eze Investment Suite

30 May 2018

Eze’s Investment Suite software now interfaces seamlessly with Essentia and its range of behavioral analytics and intelligent nudges.

PWC Raise Programme

20 Apr 2018  | PWC

Essentia one of nine innovative B2B scale-ups chosen for PWC’s first Series A Accelerator program.

Fundseeder Trader Summit

Improving Performance by Reducing Behavioral Bias

8 Feb 2018  | FundSeeder

Essentia CEO, Clare Flynn Levy, speaks at FundSeeder’s first ever Virtual Trader Summit. Access recordings of all the presentations via the link below. 

The Wall Street Lab

12 Apr 2018  | The Wall Street Lab

Former portfolio manager and Essentia Insight Partner, Jane Coffey, discusses change in the fund management industry and gives advice to people looking to enter the industry.

Capital Allocators podcast

11 Mar 2018  |  Capital Allocators

PODCAST – Ted Seides talks to Clare Flynn Levy and Cameron Hight, both former portfolio managers, about the use of modern data analytics to enhance investment results.

tomorrow augmented

21 Feb 2018  |  Tomorrow Augmented

Michael Kollo of AXA Investment Management and Clare Flynn Levy discuss quantimental analytics and how the fund management sector is embracing artificial intelligence.

CFA Institute

25 Sept 2017  |  CFA Institute

Investment thought leader and Essentia Insight Partner, Cynthia Harrington, reviews the growing reach of AI but predicts that the real winners will be those who learn to combine the new technology with human judgement.

Ignites Europe

29 Aug 2017  |  Ignites Europe

Siobhan Riding talks to investment and technology experts about the skills fund managers can develop now to ensure their value in a more technology-centric future.

Radio 4

13 Apr 2017  |  BBC Radio 4 – Today

Radio 4’s flagship news program talks to Clare Flynn Levy and Paras Anand (Fidelity International) about the importance of the fintech community to the UK economy.

Innovate Finance

11 April 2017  |  Ignites Europe

What will an asset management look like in 10 years from now? Investment experts discuss the likely roles to be played by data, AI and robotics in a consolidating industry.

Inites Europe

5 April 2017 |  Ignites Europe

Axa’s COO Joseph Pinto discusses how Axa IM is using Essentia to give its managers valuable insights and the analytics to make better decisions.

fund strategy

15 Mar 2017  |  Fund Strategy

As human active managers come under increasing pressure to justify the value they add, Sam Shaw surveys the growing role played by data and behavioral science.

Innovate Finance

1 Dec 2016  |  Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance, representative body for the UK’s global fintech community, selects Clare Flynn Levy for its Women in Finance 2016 Powerlist.

HFM Week

29 Nov 2016  |  HFM Week

Essentia recognized as one of Europe’s leading IT and software providers serving the hedge fund sector.

The Asian Entrepreneur

18 Nov 2016  |  The Asian Entrepreneur

Marion Neubronner talks to Clare Fynn Levy about building a software business and how her own experience as a fund manager gives Essentia an intrinsic competitive advantage.


15 Nov 2016  |  Euromoney

Peter Lee explores how, by identifying and managing unconscious behavioral biases, Essentia Analytics is helping portfolio managers make more money for their clients.

Financial Times

2 Nov 2016  |  Financial Times

Essentia recognized by the Financial Times as one of five fintech companies with the ability to bring lasting change to the financial services sector.

Hedge Fund Insight

26 Oct 2016  |  Hedge Fund Insight

Drawing on Essentia’s work with portfolio managers, Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, presents five simple but effective techniques to reinforce the scientific rigor of your daily investment decision-making.

Hedge Magazine

21 Jul 2016  | Hedge Magazine

Peter Lee explores how, by identifying and managing unconscious behavioral biases, Essentia Analytics is helping portfolio managers make more money for their clients.

Hedge Funds Club

14 Jul 2016  |  Hedge Funds Club

Essentia CEO, Clare Flynn Levy, explains how her experiences as a fund manager inspired the development of a specialist feedback loop for professional investors.

Ignites Europe

7 July 2016  |  Ignites Europe

Robert Van Egghen reports on the growing number of asset managers using Essentia’s behavioral analytics to track and improve the performance of their fund managers.

Wall Street Letter

15 Jun 2016  | Crowdfunders

As Essentia launches a fundraising round on Syndicate Room, Ed Bowsher finds out about the rationale and growing market for Essentia’s behavioral analytics.

7 Jun 2016  |  Funds Europe

Active management knows that change is needed if it’s going to survive and prosper. But what approach should its new internal innovation teams take to succeed?

18 May 2016 |  The ReThink Group

Research reveals that writing about a trading mistake in an investment journal like Essentia Note is an effective way to reduce stress and improve attention in subsequent challenges.

Wall Street Letter

3 Mar 2016  | Wall Street Letter

In this article, Trading Behaviors, Clare Flynn Levy discusses the growing influence of cognitive science and the applied approach that’s necessary if we want to shift our more entrenched investment habits.

16 Feb 2016  |  Huffington Post

Clare Flynn Levy talks about entrepreneurship, building a startup culture and why the smartest move is sometimes to ask for help.

26 Oct 2015  |  Simcorp’s CXO Corner

8 Oct 2015  |  FStech

Clare Flynn Levy talks to Kate O’Flaherty about overcoming the obstacles to VC financing that can exist for female FinTech entrepreneurs.

3 Sep 2015  |  Raconteur

Charles Orton-Jones surveys the uptake of wearables technology and what it already means for a growing number of fund managers and traders.

11 Aug 2015  |  Absolute Return

Based on the Essentia white paper, The Human in the Loop, this article explores the surprising parallels between the two professions.

13 May 2015  |  Journal of Applied IT

Feature (with worked examples) by Clare Flynn Levy and Eric Rovick showing how behavioural science and data are coming together to help active management confront its demons.

30 Sep 2015  | CXO Corner

The Journal of Applied IT interviews Clare Flynn Levy and finds out how cognitive science is being combined with advanced technology to create a new type of investment feedback loop.

5 May 2015  | The Times

US Business Editor, Alexandra Frean, looks at how active managers are using Essentia to integrate behavioural finance into their everyday investment workflows.

22 April 2015  |  The Guardian

In recognition of its achievements in the first 18 months of growth, Essentia is named a Guardian Startup of the Year 2014.


7 Apr 2015  | Barron’s 

Barron’s Penta Daily explores how family offices are now using Essentia to hone process and increase performance on behalf of their clients.

CIO Review

28 Mar 2015  | CIO Review

Essentia recognized for its success in delivering cloud-based software that uses behavioral analytics to help professional investors make more skilled investment decisions.

Innovate Finance

13 Mar 2015  |  Innovate Finance Global Summit Interview

Mayor of London

5 Feb 2015  | Mayor of London Export Programme

Essentia Analytics has been selected by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to join his FinTech delegation to New York and Boston from 9-14 February 2015.


30 Jan 2015  | Finextra

Elizabeth Lumley, in the first of her Women in FinTech series, talks to Clare Flynn Levy about entrepreneurship and the pace of fintech disruption within asset management.


2 Feb 2015  |  FinTechCity

Essentia Analytics chosen as one of top ten European FinTechs startups to watch.


31 Jan 2015  |  The Telegraph

Rebecca Burns-Callander finds out how our physical and mental state impact investment decision-making and how Essentia is using technology to leverage the best of human intelligence.

MIT Technology Review

Could Behavioral Finance Save Active Fund Managers?

28 Jan 2015  |  MIT Technology Review

As active investing loses ground to passive instruments, MIT looks at how cognitive science and new technology is being used strategically by fund managers to formulate a response.

The Hedge Fund Journal Awards

23 Jan 2015  |  The Hedge Fund Journal

Essentia wins Best Performance Data Analytics Award at the 2015 Hedge Fund Journal Awards

London Entrepreneurship Review

23 Jan 2015  |  London Entrepreneurship Review

How does behavioural science combined with data turn finance into a science? A revolution in financial descision-making is underway and Essentia Analytics is leading the way, writes Linda Unugboke.

Business Insider

16 Jan 2015  |  Business Insider

Essentia Analytics named as one of Europe’s 15 most innovative FinTech startups.

Waters Technolology

Buy-Side Technology Awards 2014: Winners’ Circle – Essentia Analytics

26 Nov 2014  | Waters Technology Magazine

Victor Anderson, editor of Waters magazine and WatersTechnology, interviews Clare Flynn Levy after Essentia wins the Buy-Side Data Analytics Award.

Buy-Side Technology Awards

7 Nov 2014  | Waters Technology Magazine

Essentia’s behavioral software for professional investors wins Waters 2014 Technology Award for Best Buy-Side Data Analytics.

Brummell Magazine

Inspirational Women 2014: Entrepreneurs

26 Sep 2014  | Brummel Magazine

Clare Flynn Levy’s pioneering work in helping fund managers make better decisions wins her recognition as one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs working in the City.

Financial News

23 Jun 2014  | Financial News

Clare Flynn Levy recognized as one of Europe’s most influential financial technology innovators.


30 Apr 2014  | ThinkAdvisor

Savita Iyer-Ahrestani finds out how Essentia software is helping fund managers to measure and maximize their investment skill.

The Tally

Fintech focus: Essentia Analytics

17 Apr 2014  | The Tally

After a difficult year for hedge funds, The Tally looks at Essentia, the fintech startup that’s helping them regain their performance mojo.

CFA Institute

14 April 2014  | CFA Institute

Jason Voss explores how new technology is allowing portfolio managers to hone skill and apply the lessons of cognitive science to their everyday investment activity.


10 April 2014  | eFinancial Careers

“The fund management industry is changing, and it’s only now that firms are waking up to the need to consistently coach their investment staff.”


15 Mar 2014  | Bloomberg Markets

A new crop of software companies has sprung up to provide “moneyball” stats that can help investors and their coaches uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses.

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