The award-winning behavioral analytics service which answers the questions that matter most about how you make your best (and worst) investment decisions.

Measurably-better investment decisions

The Essentia Insight service is designed for equity portfolio managers, discretionary traders, analysts, and the people who care most about helping them make the best investment decisions they can.

It’s a data-driven feedback loop, comprised of both technology and human consulting, designed to measurably improve investment decision-making without creating extra work for the portfolio manager.


How well do you know thyself ?

How Essentia Insight works

Essentia starts by taking your trade history and analyzing it for behavioral patterns – both good ones, that add value, and biases, that destroy it. We cut straight to the ones that have mattered most to performance, and discuss them with you, in a confidential setting.

Our Essentia Insight Partners are ex-fund managers – they understand the PM’s point of view like no one else can. Once you’ve seen what’s working and what’s holding you back, they can suggest Nudges to help you execute on your best intentions, going forward. And they listen for more questions you’d value answering with data, so they can come back with answers at the next quarterly session.

Nudges are personalized, automated notifications designed to mitigate behavioral bias and encourage measurably better decision-making. They’re what makes it possible for us to prove the ROI we deliver. They are entirely optional, but they have succeeded in helping our clients form better habits where journals, spreadsheets, and research management systems have failed.

While some clients prefer to start with a one-off historical analysis, most work with us on an ongoing basis, sitting down with their Essentia Insight Partner once a quarter to note progress and ask questions, and interacting with our system via Nudges in the interim.

Insight’s actionable data and proactive nudges help you do more of what you’re good at – and less of what you’re not.

Who will benefit from using Essentia Insight?

Portfolio Managers and Analysts:

  • Continuously improve performance by using a data-driven feedback loop in your decision-making
  • Sit down for one-off or quarterly sessions with an Essentia Insight Partner (a former PM). Tailored to you, these confidential reviews give you the opportunity to explore more fully Essentia’s analysis and the actionable insights it provides
  • Receive ongoing nudges to tee-up decisions that need making, or to remind you when a detrimental behavioral pattern may be re-emerging
  • Articulate your investment process and prove your skill and discipline to end investors, regardless of recent performance

CIOs and Investment Oversight Teams:

  • Add a behavioral lens to your performance analysis process
  • Detect changes in manager behavior before they have a lasting impact on the portfolio
  • Arm yourself with better information about where each member of your investment team adds value and how you can unlock more

Asset Allocators & Wealth Managers:

  • Reflect on, and improve your behavior around asset allocation decision-making
  • Leverage data held in separately managed accounts to understand whether managers are making money the way they say they do
  • Improve the quality of your conversations with third party managers by working from Essentia’s behavioral analysis*

*  If the manager is supplying the data for our analysis, the manager gets to see the analysis, too – for free!

Essentia has ready-built interfaces with a growing number of leading OMS, PMS and IBOR providers, streamlining the data onboarding and maintenance process and minimizing (or eliminating) the effort required from the investment manager’s data team.

SS&C Advent
SS&C Eze
Enfusion Systems
Image of an Essentia case study cover

Case Study: Talisman Global Asset Management

See in practice how Essentia Insight integrates with the investment workflow and helps improve daily decision-making performance.

Essentia Insight FAQ

How much does Insight cost?

The Insight service doesn’t come cheap, but it’s been proven to deliver an average of 70bps in improved performance per annum, so the ROI is massive. The service starts at $80k per year, depending on the number of portfolios involved.

Which instruments does it handle?

Insight currently handles equity and equity-like instruments (ETFs, CFDs with an equity underlying). We’re in the process of adding analysis of other instruments – if you’re interested in helping us prioritize which come first, let us know.

What data do you need?

You supply the historical and daily trade and holdings data, via CSV file, and if you’re a relative return manager, the index data, too. We supply the price and reference data, courtesy of Factset. Essentia has a tried-and-tested process for making the data upload process simple to establish and automate, and our dedicated Data Onboarding Team is there to help, every step of the way.

Is Essentia just for short-term traders?

No. Our clients are typically investors, rather than traders – many with very long term horizons. Because our analytics are flexible, they can be calibrated to reflect the uniqueness of your investment strategy and the time frame you are using to measure success.  

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