Essentia Insight is an award-winning behavioral analytics service for professional investors.

Essentia Insight combines sophisticated data analytics and specialist behavioral consulting. 75% of managers who have used Insight for 12+ months have increased their alpha generation by 180 bps per year, on average — without taking on additional risk.

Essentia works with portfolio managers to continuously improve their performance by helping them play to their strengths, avoid their weaknesses, and make fewer unconscious errors.

Essentia Insight can help unlock the behavioral alpha – the excess return that results from mitigating one’s biases – hidden in your decision-making process.

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Image of the Behavioral Alpha Frontier

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Measurably-better investment decisions

Essentia Insight runs your historical trade and behavioral data through our industry-leading analytics engine. Our proprietary algorithms use machine learning to detect behavioral patterns – the good ones that contribute to alpha, and the poor ones that destroy it.

Review the analysis regularly with your dedicated Essentia Insight Partner. Our Insight Partners are ex-fund managers who can help you distill the data to reveal the behavioral patterns that have the most impact on your performance.