Delivering Behavioral Alpha®

Essentia helps both short and long-term professional investors to mitigate bias, maintain investment discipline and achieve better performance.

Who uses Essentia

Portfolio Managers and Research Analysts

PMs & Research Analysts

Use Essentia to continuously improve performance by playing to their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses.

CIOs & Investment Oversight

CIOs & Investment Oversight

Use Essentia to understand the skills and biases of each member of the investment team.

Asset allocators and Wealth Managers

Asset Allocators & Wealth Managers

Use Essentia to ensure they are getting their all-important allocation and manager selection decisions right.

Essentia provides behavioral analytics and performance consulting services on assets totaling more than $150 billion.

Essentia Analytics Software ROI

Proven ROI

Our analytical tools, data-driven consulting, and proactive nudges helped a $16bn equity manager to increase alpha in just 6 months.

Ted Seides podcast - Moneyball for investment managers

Ted Seides talks to Clare Flynn Levy and Cameron Hight, both former PMs, about the use of new data analytics to enhance investment results. Listen to podcast

Active Equity Managers Actually Do Generate Alpha. Here’s How They Squander It.

II Magazine reports on new Essentia research which shows that active managers with good selling discipline can outperform index funds.
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The Reformed Broker, Josh Brown, explores how Essentia helps PMs to improve upon their investment mistakes. Watch full screen

The Future of Active Management

Essentia is transforming the way that professional investors measure, demonstrate and continuously improve investment performance. 

Behavioral Alpha

Behavioral Alpha

Realize the fund performance gains available through the mitigation of cognitive bias and a deeper investment discipline.

A data-driven feedback supporting human decision-making

Human + Machine

Reinforce your individual investment approach with machine learning, cutting-edge analytics and Essentia’s intelligent nudges.

Actionable insights for fund managers

Actionable Insights

Cut straight to useful information about how to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, and be reminded of it when it matters most.

“By being able to understand my investment behavior and skills with concrete data – not hunch or intuition – I’m in a much better position to allocate my time to where there are greater performance opportunities.”

Julian Sinclair Talisman

Julian Sinclair – CIO & Portfolio Manager

Award-Winning Investment Analytics

Our software and services are designed by investment professionals working in collaboration with a team of world-class technologists and behavioral scientists.

Image of Essentia's financial technology awards

Your Data Security is Our Priority

Using Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure, we structure our clients’ data within a high security, purpose-built architecture that has passed the industry’s most rigorous information security audits.
It’s one more reason why some of the world’s largest fund management firms trust Essentia with their most sensitive information.

Essentia Analytics is ISO27001 Certified