A key element of the Essentia Insight service, our Insight Partners ensure you get the maximum value from working with us.

Picture of an Essentia Insight Partner working with a portfolio manager

Our Insight Partners are expert in using Essentia’s proprietary analytics to identify actionable insights in your data, and to validate the hunches you’ve had about what works for you and what doesn’t. They meet with you regularly to help you interpret our data analytics and manage an ongoing action plan.

Because they are all ex-fund managers, they understand a PM’s perspective and the myriad nuances of effective portfolio management — and are uniquely qualified to guide the iterative process of using data analytics to continuously improve performance.

The role of your Insight Partner

Interfaces on your behalf with Essentia’s research & data teams to ensure that our customizable analytics measure the behavioral patterns most relevant to your investment strategy.

On a regular basis, provides you with a tailored and confidential review of Essentia’s findings, with data-driven insights into the best ways to optimize your investment decision-making.

Works with you to design intelligent nudges that put our actionable insights to work so you can unlock your behavioral alpha and drive sustainable increases in investment peformance.

Meet out Insight Partners

Richard Baskin
Richard Baskin