Ever heard of an Olympic medallist who didn’t have a performance coach?

No, neither have we.

Professional athletes use coaches to help improve performance across the physical and psychological domains so intrinsic to competitive success.

High-performance coaching is increasingly a feature of the investment world, too. A growing number of investment decision-makers now use one-to-one performance coaching to refine and develop their personal investment approach, or to overcome individual challenges and take their careers to the next level.     

Because finding the right investment coach can be difficult, we’ve compiled a list of independent, highly-qualified investment coaches for your consideration. 

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Mick Dillon, CFA, portfolio manager, Brown Advisory

“Getting a coach to help you improve is as imperative in fund management as it is in elite sport.”

Mick Dillon, CFA
Portfolio manager, Brown Advisory

Recommended Investment Coaches

Denise Shull - Performance Coach
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Denise Shull – Performance Coach

Denise Shull’s Wall Street career began in 1994 when she joined one of the first electronic trading firms in Chicago. She then traded at Schonfeld Securities before she was recruited to move to New York to run her own desk at Sharpe Capital.

In 2003, an academic journal published her pioneering University of Chicago master’s thesis “The Neurobiology of Freud’s Repetition Compulsion.” This led Denise to discover the then emerging research indicating that, contrary to popular belief, emotion is required for perception, judgment and decision making.

She founded The ReThink Group in 2006 to apply this radical finding to the problem of market and risk decision making. The Shull Method, based on modern psychoanalysis and the science of anticipatory affect, is outlined in her 2012 book, Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk which has been reviewed as the “best of its genre” and a “veritable Rosetta Stone of trading psychology.”

In 2016, Ms Shull’s consulting company added professional athletes to their client roster and today also work with Broadway Directors and Sports Agents as well as investing firms.

Coaching delivery options:

Denise Shull - Performance Coach