Ever heard of an Olympic medallist who didn’t have a performance coach?

No, neither have we.

Professional athletes use coaches to help improve performance across the physical and psychological domains so intrinsic to competitive success.

High-performance coaching is increasingly a feature of the investment world, too. A growing number of investment decision-makers now use one-to-one performance coaching to refine and develop their personal investment approach, or to overcome individual challenges and take their careers to the next level.     

Because finding the right investment coach can be difficult, we’ve compiled a list of independent, highly-qualified investment coaches for your consideration. 

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Mick Dillon, CFA, portfolio manager, Brown Advisory

“Getting a coach to help you improve is as imperative in fund management as it is in elite sport.”

Mick Dillon, CFA
Portfolio manager, Brown Advisory

Recommended Investment Coaches

Denise Shull – Performance Coach

A former equities and commodities trader with a fascination with neuropsychology, Denise Shull solves the vexing problem of human foibles and mis-behavior in the face of market risk. Using the latest research on how cognitive and emotional brain inputs work together, she teaches professional investors how to integrate their intellects, experience and emotional clues to arrive at higher-odds decisions. Think of it as a new form of Emotional Intelligence or EQ specifically for financial and trading risk.

A client’s individual situation, not a pre-determined plan, dictates the sequence of strategies and tactics Denise employs in coaching. Her style is unexpectedly casual, but highly effective. Whether it is a brilliant PM who never takes enough risk or the trader who always pushes every limit no matter what the odds, Denise has a track record of addressing the problem.

Denise is based in New York and coaches globally.

Coaching delivery options:

Dr. Andrew Menaker – Performance Coach

A licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD and extensive experience in performance enhancement techniques, Dr. Menaker has been a high performance coach for traders, portfolio managers and executives at banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms since 1995. His clients are among the top professional investors in the world.

Andrew’s approach effectively translates recent neuroscience research into actionable steps that improve performance. He uses a variety of methods to change one’s response to risk and opportunity, using emotion as a source of information and understanding unconscious motivations. He addresses the mind-body connection, so may include biofeedback, as well as assisting clients in creative and intuitive development.

Andrew is based in San Francisco and coaches globally.

Coaching delivery options:

Steven Goldstein – Performance Coach

Steven Goldstein has 25 years of experience in the trenches as a trader with some of the world’s leading investment banks, which he leverages in coaching traders to “sharpen their edge” through playing to their personal strengths.

Steven specialises in helping people to enhance and improve their work as risk-takers, whilst helping them develop the confidence and self-belief to overcome the challenges that inhibit them from achieving their full potential.

Central to his approach is a strong focus on enhancing the internal relationship between the emotional and intellectual aspects of trading, thus facilitating improved decision-making, confidence and self-belief, whilst working to alleviate some of the negative traits which hold traders back and undermine their performance.

Steven is based in London and coaches globally.

Coaching delivery options:

Kenny Lissak – Performance Coach

Kenny Lissak is a Wall Street veteran, with over 20 years of successful buyside trading under his belt. No PhD, just real-life experience. As a Founding Partner of SAC, Kenny worked directly with Ari Kiev, the first Wall Street coach, teaching him the trading side of his psychological observations, so that theory could be turned into practical solutions. He later used the techniques they developed in his roles as Managing General Partner at Kadem Capital and Amtech Capital in New York.

Kenny is a practical, data-driven coach, ideally suited to traders, fund managers, and asset allocators who are ready to uncover the truth behind which aspects of their investment processes really work, identify impediments to success, and create repeatable, workable, professional solutions with measurable results.

Kenny is based in New York and coaches globally.

Coaching delivery options:

Dr. Tara Swart – Performance Coach

Dr. Tara Swart is a former medical doctor with PhD in neuroscience and a unique understanding of how the body and mind work together to influence performance. She uses this knowledge to create an uncompromising and holistic approach to performance optimisation.

Tara coaches high performers in investment management and across industries, through one-to-one consultancy, team development workshops, in-house talks and conference keynotes focused on disseminating simple, pragmatic neuroscience-based messages that change the way people work and translate into tangible financial performance improvement.

She runs The Unlimited Mind’s signature programme, “Leading Sustainable Performance,” which involves resilience monitoring, nutrition, hydration, physical exercise and mindfulness tools and techniques, and is designed for senior teams in businesses that need their people to make better quality decisions and improve performance consistently and sustainably without burning out.

Tara is based in London and coaches globally.

Coaching delivery options:

Minfulness at Work – Mindfulness Training and Coaching

Led by former investment analyst and fund manager Louise Chester, Mindfulness at Work offers group, team and 1:1 mindfulness training and coaching, to help clients reach greater levels of both self-awareness and mental clarity, enabling greater effectiveness and focus, and become more resilient, both physically and emotionally.

The Mindfulness at Work team consists of highly experienced, accredited mindfulness practitioners who have all held senior positions in organisations. Their tried and tested proprietary training and coaching methods are not only quick and effective but also create lasting positive change.

Coaching delivery options:

Even Keel Trading – Performance Coaching Partnership

Based in Chicago, Mark Paulik and Ken Celiano of Even Keel Trading have been coaching professional investors for 10 years. Using their trader-tested coaching process, Poised 2 Perform, they help independent traders, proprietary groups and portfolio managers around the world attain a psychological edge. The Even Keel coaching approach is unique in its split, yet integrated, focus on the technical and psychological contexts of trading. Mark and Ken integrate a client’s outer market observations and execution decisions with “inner market” understanding of emotional and memory relevant data.

Ken Celiano, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who coaches high performers who operate in high pressure situations. He is passionate about taking them on deep dives toward their “inner market” to appreciate how emotion, memory and decision-making converge into coherent and strategic execution. Ken’s approach combines relevant research and experience from behavioral finance, neuroeconomics, emotional regulation, personality profiling and stress management, and both on psychology and biometric data.

Mark Paulik, MBA is an independent trader and performance coach who utilizes a variety of manual, gray and black box strategies to assist high performers. From his start at a top private technical analysis firm in Chicago, Mark has evolved to providing integrated feedback by tracking relevant market generated data with chart analytics.

Coaching delivery options:

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