“The key to my collaboration with Essentia is that they cut through the emotion and biases – our discussions and post-mortems are centered on hard and indisputable data. The ability to look at my investment process in a minute way, with literally decades of data surrounding every aspect of the process, gives me a huge potential advantage over my peers.”

Kenneth Stuzin, CFA - Brown Advisory

Ken Stuzin, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Brown Advisory

“Essentia has given our investment professionals a self-reflection tool that works well for analytical minds. The data-driven feedback loop pulls out what’s working and what’s not in their portfolio, and helps drive meaningful conversations to maximize results for our clients.”

Amy Oldenburg MD, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Amy Oldenburg
MD, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

“Essentia Analytics provides the analysis of your own trades that is packed with data, tools and coaching to help you to become a more successful investor. This past year we have revamped our focus and processes around what we do best and have worked to either eliminate or improve the type of trades that have detracted from performance in the past.”

Patrick Cosgrove - Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Patrick Cosgrove
Senior Director – International Portfolio Manager
Teacher Retirement System of Texas 

“I can see that the work we’ve done together in the first two sessions has contributed 100-200bps of alpha to my portfolio YTD.”

Co-CIO and Portfolio Manager, $1.2bn equity fund 

“I have been working with Clare and her team since the Fall of 2018. Essentia has become an invaluable tool to iterate improvements to my investment process.”