“I have been working with Clare and her team since the Fall of 2018. Essentia has become an invaluable tool to iterate improvements to my investment process.”

Greg Dean, Principal and Portfolio Manager at Cambridge Global Asset Management

Greg Dean, CFA
Principal and Portfolio Manager
Cambridge Global Asset Management

“When you tell your story to investors and allocators, 90% of what you’re saying is the same as everyone else. As a result active managers – now more than ever – need to work out what differentiates them, and put that front and centre.
Essentia is an important partner in helping us to track, develop and articulate the unique set of investment skills that we bring.”

Tim Hathaway - Brown Advisory

Tim Hathaway, CFA
Head of U.S. Institutional Business, Brown Advisory

“Essentia helps us to understand the behavioral patterns that exist within our investment decision-making, so we can systematically and continually improve performance.”

Gunther Kramert

Gunther Kramert
Portfolio Manager

“Having the data to know what’s happening and to understand your investment behavior is a huge competitive advantage. Essentia does this in a unique and powerful way for anyone who has the courage to undertake the work.”

Denise Shull, Performance Coach, Speaker, Author and CEO of ReThink

Denise Shull
Investment Performance Coach, Speaker & Author

“Essentia is the bridge between the tech-unsavvy traditional investment management world and the elevating potential of new technologies.”

Michael Kollo

Michael G. Kollo, Ph.D.
Quantitative Strategist & Research Director

“Winning in today’s increasingly competitive markets requires each investor and every firm to operate at their very best. Just as in the world of sports, the top competitors are always searching for ways to be even better, the best investors are all looking for ways to improve because small gains can make the difference. Essentia’s technology enables exactly that.”

Charles D. Ellis

Charles D. Ellis
Founder of Greenwich Associates

“Essentia is like a lightbulb in a darkened room, delivering invaluable visibility. In the future no active manager will be able to work without this tool in their toolkit.”

Senior Analyst, $1bn Global Tech Fund 

“[Essentia’s insights] are so helpful to see. I sort of knew this was going on, but now that I see it clearly, I can action change more easily.”

Julian Sinclair

Julian Sinclair
CIO & Portfolio Manager

“I am convinced that industry trends increasingly require that investment managers have to justify the value they add and the investment skill they have, and Essentia’s software can now make this possible.”

Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke
Former CEO, Man Group plc

“There is an overdue revolution underway to make investors better, smarter, stronger. Essentia is leading the way globally in this regard.”

Stuart K.
Managing Director, Global Investment Bank

“Essentia Analytics is addressing an urgent need for fund managers. In the past few years, competitive pressures have significantly increased, making adoption of analytics a priority in our industry. Established products in the market only indirectly address these needs. I am impressed by the technology and analytical approach developed by Essentia, and their proven ability to build trust and generate sales with often reluctant portfolio managers.”

Alex I.
Portfolio Manager

“With awareness of behavioral economics at an all time high and fund managers searching for fresh ways to deliver outperformance, I believe Essentia Analytics’ platform has the potential to be as indispensable as a Bloomberg or Reuters terminal for the professional fund manager.”

William D.

Behavioral Finance - Applied. A primer for professional investors.

Written for professional investors, the guide offers an invaluable overview of cognitive bias, with practical steps for PMs and analysts who want to mitigate the impact of bias on their investment decision-making.