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Essentia Insight

  • Demonstrate and improve your investment skill with Insight’s data-driven feedback loop
  • Behavioral analytics and nudges designed by fund managers, for fund managers
  • Play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses

Essentia Note

  • A purpose-built, secure online investment journal designed to minimize work and maximize peace of mind
  • Understand the “why” behind your investment decisions
  • Illustrate and optimize your process

Consulting & Coaching

  • Bespoke behavioral analysis
  • Programs and workshops to refine your investment process and integrate behavioral science
  • Investor performance coaching in conjunction with use of Essentia software

“Essentia helps us to understand the behavioral patterns that exist within our investment decision-making, so we can systematically and continually improve performance.”

Gunther Kramert

Gunther Kramert
Senior Portfolio Manager, Union Investment