• Demonstrate and improve your investment skill with Insight’s data-driven feedback loop
  • Best-in-class behavioral analytics, coaching and nudges designed by fund managers, for fund managers
  • Play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses
  • Designed for teams of five or more equity strategies
  • Enhanced access to Essentia Insight’s powerful analytics
  • A la carte access to personal coaching and nudges
  • Flexible pricing model offers significant per-portfolio savings
  • Bespoke behavioral analysis delivered by former PMs who understand your process
  • Data-driven feedback based on Essentia’s industry-leading analytics
  • Solutions tailored to your unique strategies, requirements and perspectives

“I am convinced that industry trends increasingly require that investment managers have to justify the value they add and the investment skill they have, and Essentia’s software and services can now make this possible.”

Peter Clarke, Former CEO, Man Group and Essentia Advisory Board

Peter Clarke
Former CEO, Man Group plc