The interactive investment journal

Designed for emerging managers and funds without much historical data, Essentia Note makes it possible to prove your skill, and demonstrate your investment process to investors.

Essentia Note nudges you to capture the “why” behind your investment decisions (including decisions NOT to trade), and builds a “game tape” of each of your ideas.

How Essentia Note helps you


Get nudged to ask yourself key questions about each of your ideas. Capture analyzable data about your answers.


Get everyone on your investment team using Essentia Note and you’ll be able to capture different points of view – beyond what gets said in meetings.


View and drill down on your Hit Rate and Payoff to understand what’s working, and what’s not.

Next, strengthen the feedback loop with Essentia Insight

Once you’ve built up a trade history, you can start using our award-winning analytics service Essentia Insight to seamlessly connect the dots between process, investment decision, and P&L outcome.

“Essentia Note has helped us ensure that we’re staying disciplined and as unbiased in our investment process as we can. It enables us to reflect on, and learn from our decisions, in a way that wasn’t possible before.”

Mick Dillon
Portfolio Manager, Brown Advisory

man using Essentia Note

Connect process to outcome

If you’re not capturing data on your investment process, you can’t prove to yourself – or anyone else – that the process actually works.

Unlike a traditional Research Management System, Essentia Note connects the research process to the both the trading decision (including the decision not to trade), and the P&L outcome. It’s a joined-up, data-rich approach that makes it easy to tell yourself and your investors the true story of any position – from start to finish.

Capture the context

Your investment team already creates a lot of data about the “why” behind your decisions. But it’s not in an analyzable format.

Essentia Note takes the concept of an investment journal and turns it into a customized “push” experience. Note intelligently nudges you and your team to record analyzable data, including what you’re thinking about positions on a daily basis, and the motivations that underlie each investment decision.

Essentia note in use

See Essentia Note in action

A demo over webchat can be as quick as 10 minutes. We’ll show you the main features of the software and how it can be used for your specific process and investment style.