Insight Enterprise brings Essentia’s industry-leading behavioral analytics capabilities to teams of equity portfolio managers.

Picture of Essentia Insight Enterprise

Designed to meet the needs of organizations with five or more equity strategies, Insight Enterprise combines direct access to Essentia Insight’s full suite of powerful behavioral analytics with an attractive multi-portfolio pricing model.

Analytical flexibility and depth – across your organization

Portfolio managers can personalize the coaching and behavioral nudges they receive

Individual portfolio managers benefit from Essentia Insight’s full range of behavioral analytics capabilities, and can choose from a menu of personalized nudges and one-to-one coaching.

Essentia Nudges: Simplicity

In-house analytics teams are empowered to answer the questions that matter most, with drill-down access to Essentia Insight’s best-in-class portfolio manager analytics.

Portfolio manager and team assessment using Essentia Insight

Investment leaders gain the industry’s best portfolio manager assessment and optimization capabilities, priced at a significant per-portfolio discount to Essentia’s standalone Insight service.