For users of Eze Software’s Investment Suite, managing cognitive bias just got easier

Eze Investment Suite, the flexible front-to-back office solution for investment professionals, now integrates seamlessly with behavioral technology leader, Essentia Analytics.

London, May 30th 2018
– Essentia Analytics, the ground-breaking provider of behavioral analytics and nudges to professional investors, today announced a new interface with Eze Software’s award-winning technology.

Essentia Insight allows professional investors to analyse their trade and portfolio activity for behavioral biases that may be damaging investment performance. Through rich reporting and tailored nudges, the platform builds a data-driven feedback loop that can lead to measurably better investment performance.

Eze software for investment managers

Users of Eze’s Order Management (Eze OMS) and Portfolio Management & Accounting System (formerly Tradar) can now load their data into the Essentia’s behavioral analytics platform, Essentia Insight, via a standardized interface.

As a result, Eze Software’s clients will be able to get up and running with Essentia, and get to grips with their decision-making strengths and weaknesses, in record time and with minimal effort required from their own data teams.

Clare Flynn Levy, Founder & CEO of Essentia Analytics, said: “Demand for behavioral analytics has been increasing as active managers seek to add AI to their investment processes. Essentia Analytics leverages the data that portfolio managers are already capturing in Eze Investment Suite to help managers focus their time on doing more of what they’re good at, and less of what they’re not.”

For more information about Eze, Essentia Analytics or the growing role played by behavioral analytics in investment management, please contact Clare Flynn Levy at [email protected]

See how Essentia’s behavioral nudges and investment insights helped one active manager to improve his exit timing and position sizing, and generate significant incremental alpha for his investors.

About Eze Software

Eze Software is a global leading provider of investment management software solutions designed to optimize operational and investment alpha throughout the entire investment process. Eze Software provides the platform for growth for the entire investment management community, maximizing efficiencies across order management, trade execution & analytics, portfolio analytics & modeling, compliance & regulatory reporting, commission management, and portfolio & investor accounting. For more than 20 years Boston-based Eze Software has been driving innovation in financial technology. Today, Eze Software partners with more than 2,500 buy- and sell-side institutions in 45 countries from their 14 offices worldwide. For more information, visit

About Essentia Analytics

Essentia Analytics is at the nexus of Behavioral Finance and Data Science, providing professional investors with an enhanced understanding of their own behavior so that they can consistently play to their strengths, and avoid acting on cognitive bias.

Developed by leading neuroscientists, software engineers and ex-fund managers, Essentia’s analytics and consultancy services enable fund managers to capture richer data about both their own behavior and its context, turning trade, market and biometric data into better future investment decisions. The result is a simple, accurate, continuous feedback loop – the same sort that professional athletes use to achieve excellence.

Appropriate for active equity managers, hedge funds and multi-manager platforms, high and low turnover portfolios, the software has already been adopted by several of the world’s leading investment managers.

Essentia Analytics, which is headquartered in London, was founded in 2013 by former fund manager Clare Flynn Levy. The software was launched in March 2014.