March 5, 2021London – Clare Flynn Levy, the CEO and Founder of Essentia Analytics, Ltd. (Essentia), a leading provider of behavioral data analytics and consulting for professional investors, has today been named the ‘Tech Innovator of the Year’ by WatersTechnology in this year’s annual Women in Technology & Data awards.

The Technology Innovator of the Year award honors a woman who has demonstrated outstanding innovation in the field of technology within her firm. Clare is an internationally noted thought leader in behavioral finance, with a deep understanding of how bias and other unconscious cognitive tendencies materially and constantly impact investment decisions. Clare founded Essentia Analytics in 2014 after honing her skills across two decades of successful leadership in both the finance and technology industries.

It was her experience “in the chair” as a portfolio manager that led Clare down a path to invent a scalable platform to help fund managers improve their decision-making skills – and ultimately their performance – through analytics, coaching and a real time data-driven feedback loop. She has not only created a successful and growing cutting edge technology business, but also one which is genuinely transforming – and improving – how success is achieved in the asset management industry.

Clare has also been a passionate flexible-working advocate, with a particular focus on helping other women achieve success in business. In 2013, she created the Equilibrant Network, an informal group of senior women peers who meet to share experiences around flexible working. In the male-dominated worlds of both finance and technology, building an industry-leading fitnech company is a great achievement.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition from WatersTechnology for the innovative work we’re doing,” said Clare. “Essentia is using technology to help human fund managers make measurably better decisions, and we can prove that it works – it’s an immensely gratifying mission to be on. I’m very fortunate to have an extremely talented team around me, bringing this vision to life. I want to thank them for their contributions and the value we’ve been able to add, together, in a challenging time.”

About Essentia

Essentia Analytics is the leading provider of behavioral data analytics and consulting for professional investors. Led by a team of experts in investment management, technology and behavioral science, Essentia combines next generation data analytics technology with human coaching to help active fund managers measurably improve investment decision-making. Providing daily analysis on over $200 billion in assets, Essentia has uncovered an average of 150 basis points of alpha per year for its clients that was previously being lost to behavioral biases and decision-making deficiencies.

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