Essentia Wins Best Performance Data Analytics Award

23 Jan, 2015

Essentia Analytics has been awarded the Best Performance Data Analytics Award at The Hedge Fund Journal Awards 2015, which celebrate the leading service providers to the European hedge fund industry.

The award marks the beginning of an exciting year for Essentia Analytics. Next month, they will take part in the Mayor of London’s delegation of London-based FinTech companies to New York and Boston. They were also recently selected as one of Business Insider’s 15 most innovative finance start-ups in Europe.

Clare Flynn Levy commented:

“We’re delighted that our hard work has been recognised in the form of The Hedge Fund Journal’s Best Performance Data Analytics Award and are truly excited about what the year ahead holds in store for us at Essentia. The potential for data analytics to transform the effectiveness of investment decision-making is enormous, and we’re proud to be making that possible for our clients. It’s hugely rewarding to help investors at some of the world’s leading fund managers become better at what they do, and I look forward to continuing our quest this year.”

Essentia’s technology provides professional investors with a fuller understanding of the effectiveness of their investment processes and the cognitive biases at play in their decision making. This enables them to maxmise “return on energy expended”. The software is grounded in the latest behavioural finance research, making it simple to identify patterns in and reflect upon an individual’s investment process.


About Essentia Analytics

Essentia Analytics is at the nexus of Behavioural Finance and Data Science, providing professional investors with an enhanced understanding of their own behaviour so that they can consistently play to their strengths and avoid acting on cognitive bias.

Developed by leading neuroscientists, software engineers and ex-fund managers, the company’s cloud-based software enables fund managers to capture richer data about both their own behaviour and its context, turning trade, market and biometric data into better future investment decisions. The result is a simple, accurate, continuous feedback loop – the same sort that professional athletes use to achieve excellence.

Appropriate for traditional active managers, hedge funds and multi-manager platforms, high and low turnover portfolios, the software has already been adopted by several of the world’s leading investment managers, including Talisman Global Asset Management and Union Investment, despite being less than two years old.

Essentia Analytics, which is headquartered in London, was founded in 2013 by former fund manager Clare Flynn Levy. The software was launched in March 2014.