For the third year running, Essentia Analytics will host Behavioral Alpha New York (BA19 NY), the leading conference dedicated to the application of behavioral science to investment decision-making, on November 8, 2019. As the leading provider of behavioral analytics to the asset management industry, Essentia specializes in helping investment managers mitigate bias and improve decision-making.

Reflecting the growing role of behavioral analytics as a performance measurement and optimization tool in the investment industry, the BA19 NY event agenda will include two panel discussions, with participants from Morgan Stanley Investment Management, CI Investments, and Callan, among others: A panel of investment managers will discuss how they are applying behavioral science within their investment processes, and a panel of asset allocators will discuss how and why they look at portfolio manager behavior in the context of allocation decisions.

New research from Essentia Analytics into the lifecycle of investment alpha will also be shared with conference attendees. This groundbreaking work demonstrates that active managers tend to add value above their benchmarks in excess of the fees they charge — but only when they have the insight and investment discipline to sell near the peak of their stocks’ alpha-generating lifecycle. This new research challenges widely held beliefs about the cost-effectiveness of active versus passive investing, and is sure to stimulate lively discussion at the conference and beyond.

The keynote address on the Power of Habit will be delivered by best-selling author and Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Charles Duhigg. Opening and closing remarks will be offered by Essentia Analytics founder and CEO, Clare Flynn Levy.

“This event is all about the next big thing to shape the investment management industry: Behavioral Alpha, or the alpha that can be realized by mitigating behavioral bias. With mounting pressure on fees and the rise of passive investing, having data-driven analysis into your own strengths and weaknesses as an investor has never been more important,” said Clare Flynn Levy. “Behavioral analytics is a way for active asset managers to tangibly demonstrate to clients that they’re worth their salt, and their fees too.”

BA19 NY will be held at Manhattan Manor on West 52nd St. on November 8, 2019. Please see the BA19 NY event page linked here for more details.

About Essentia

Essentia Analytics s a provider of behavioral data analytics and consulting for professional investors. Essentia Analytics is transforming the way that professional investors measure, demonstrate, and continuously improve investment performance. Through a combination of coaching and nudging, Essentia partners with clients to mitigate behavioral bias, optimize investment processes, and increase alpha generation, on an ongoing basis.