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In response to requests for more information on how behavioral science can integrated into investment decision making day-to-day, Essentia hosted two very popular webinars in Q4 2014.

The recordings of those webinars are available to view below.

The webinar speakers are both experienced market professionals who have become specialist trader/portfolio manager coaches and both are part of the Essentia Coaching Partners Programme. Each webinars is structured to give you both theoretical and practical insights into this fascinating area.


1. Why Emotional Intelligence is the New Efficient Frontier (Nov 2014)



Duration: 25 minutes

Research shows that when you’re physically tired or have already made a number of tough decisions, you’re more likely to misperceive risk. In this webinar, Denise Shull reviews new lessons from decision and neuroscience and explains why a more focused awareness of our mental state can generate better investment performance. Denise also reveals what the science says about the thinking styles of so-called “natural born traders”.

Speaker: Denise Shull | Founder & President, The ReThink Group | Author of Market Mind Games

Based in New York and a former equities and commodities trader with a fascination with neuropsychology, Denise solves the vexing problem of human foibles and mis-behavior in the face of market risk. Using the latest research on how cognitive and emotional brain inputs work together, she teaches professional investors how to integrate their intellects, experience and emotional clues to arrive at higher-odds decisions.



2. How Well Are You Managing Your Psychological Capital? (Dec 2014)



Duration: 45 minutes (25 min presentation, 20 min Q&A)

Most fund managers will look back over the year and recognise a handful of trades where impulses got the better of them. In this webinar, Steven Goldstein discusses the factors that inhibit excellence in risk performance and talks about how we can better understand and leverage our psychological capital, with positive consequences for personal discipline and consistency of investment style.

Speaker: Steven Goldstein – Trader and Fund Manager Performance Coach at Chrysalis Performance Consulting

Steven has 25 years of experience in the trenches as a trader with some of the world’s leading investment banks. Based in the UK, he leverages this in working with traders and fund managers to ‘sharpen their edges’. Central to his approach to better decision-making is a strong focus on enhancing the internal relationship between the emotional and intellectual aspects of managing money.