Process. Discipline. Self-Awareness.Skill-Based Investing.

All professional investors share a fundamental problem: they are selling skill, but getting paid for performance.
Unfortunately, the two are not the same. Performance is not a measure of skill – it’s a measure of outcome.

Skill is a function of the decisions we make, both consciously and unconsciously. Conscious decisions can be improved by implementing process in a disciplined way. Unconscious decisions are trickier – sometimes they are the secret of our success and sometimes they are our own worst enemy. Optimising the influence of the unconscious begins with self-awareness.

Process. Discipline. Self-Awareness.

They form the foundation of what we call Skill-Based Investing.

Essentia’s decision support software enables fund managers to capture richer data about their own behaviour, while improving the productivity and referenceability of their investment processes. A more accurate picture of the past enables better conscious decisions in the future.

Meanwhile, our data scientists identify behavioural patterns and correlations, and reveal actionable insights, enabling awareness of the unconscious influences.

Finally, our Coaching Partners help fund managers convert that awareness into behavioural change, increasing the probability of success.

Excellence demands a feedback loop. Essentia supplies one.

abiut-icon Security is at the heart of everything we do.

Essentia’s innovative data security architecture means that although it’s accessible anytime, anywhere via the Cloud, our clients remain in control of their own data at all times. YOU hold the keys, not us.

What that means for you: The client remains in control of its data at all times. The client can switch off Essentia’s access to its data at any time. Only the client is in a position to provide third parties with access to its data.

World Class Scientists, Technologists and Practitioners. Leading Edge Software That is Fit-for-Purpose.

Essentia’s leadership team is driven by a shared passion for using technology to empower profitable
investment decisions, and a shared obsession with the user experience.

We’re the real deal: ex-fund managers, neuroscientists, and industry-leading software engineers.
We understand portfolio managers’ pain, and the potential solutions to it, like no one else can.

Leadership Team
Clare Flynn Levy
Clare Flynn Levy

Founder / CEO

David Moss
David Moss

Lead Technologist

Imad Riachi, PhD
Imad Riachi, PhD

Chief Scientist

Join Us

Essentia is actively recruiting highly talented technologists, data scientists and relationship managers. We love our work and we take our culture seriously. Visit our Careers page if you’re interested in joining us or email us on

Advisory Board
Kevin Eyres
Kevin Eyres

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Mark Fenton-O’Creevy
Dr. Mark Fenton-O’Creevy

Advisory Board

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Advisory Board

Tom Abraham
Tom Abraham

Advisory Board

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Coaching. It's More Effective With Data.

Have you ever heard of an olympic medalist who didn’t have a coach? Neither have we.

Professional athletes use coaches to help them internalise behavioural change.  Coaches use data to measure opportunities and results.

The world’s top fund manager and trader coaches can now use Essentia’s software to take their services, and their ability to help their clients, to the next level, through our Certified Coaching Partners Programme.

Essentia clients can choose from a roster of carefully-vetted, thoroughly trained coaches with vast experience of helping professional investors make more money.

For Investors

Essentia clients benefit from monthly sessions with our own Account Execs, to ensure they get the most out of the system.

But for those who are ready to take the quest for continuous improvement to the next level, we offer a roster of hand-picked specialist trader and portfolio manager coaches, trained to use Essentia to maximise the results of the coaching process.

Meet the Essentia
Coaching Partners
For Coaches

Essentia believes that when it comes to coaching with data, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

If you are an experienced coach, with current clients who are portfolio managers and/or traders within hedge funds, banks or traditional asset management firms, and you suspect Essentia’s data and decision support software could benefit your ability to help your clients, please apply to join our Certified Coaching Partners Programme.

Learn more about becoming an
Essentia Coaching Partner

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