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Supercharge your investment process with Insight’s powerful behavioral analytics and proactive nudges

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Capture and leverage your unique process with our next-generation investment journal

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Integrate cognitive science into your investment process with help from our bespoke programs and workshops

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Our software helps professional investors to develop skill, maintain trading discipline and achieve better performance.


Proven ROI

Our analytical tools and proactive nudges helped one equity manager to increase alpha generation in just 7 months.

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Build your feedback loop

Essentia’s institutional-grade technology connects the dots between your pre-trade investment process, trading decisions, and their P&L outcomes. It’s a data-driven feedback loop designed to power your outperformance.

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“By being able to understand my investment behavior and skills with concrete data – not hunch or intuition – I’m in a much better position to allocate my time to where there are greater performance opportunities.”

Julian Sinclair 
CIO, Talisman Global Asset Management

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Award-Winning Investment Analytics

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Essentia’s software is designed by investment professionals working in collaboration with a team of world-class technologists and behavioral scientists.

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We prioritize your data’s security in everything we do

Using Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure, we structure our clients’ data within a high security, purpose-built architecture that has passed the industry’s most rigorous information security audits. It’s one more reason why some of the world’s largest fund management firms trust Essentia with their most sensitive information.