Even with a vaccine on the way, working from home (WFH) looks to remain an important feature of our future lives. So, to manage the challenges that remote working can bring, and with a nod to the no-less-demanding search for the perfect gift, here are our top ten ideas to keep you performing at your best in the new year and beyond. 

Picture of a digital do not disturb sign

It’s hard for people at home to know when you don’t want to be interupted. But this digital status light on your desk or home office door will let people know right away when not to disturb the bear. It’s made with a Raspberry Pi homemade computer and integrates with Microsoft Teams so it can automatically signal when you’re on a call or in a meeting. A fun and interesting festive holiday project.

A UCLA study found that living and working in a cluttered space can lead our cortisol levels to rise, heightening stress and leaving us feeling a bit frazzled.

Picture of a pencil case

This humble pencil case will transform you into an adult organisation ninja. Use it to store your pens, smart keys, earbuds and charging cables and you’ll waste no more time looking at the bottom of dark bags or crowded drawers for that small, important thing you now can’t find. Plus, you’ll be ready to go and work somewhere else at the drop of a hat. BONUS: the option we suggest here won’t leave you feeling silly when you take it out of your laptop bag at work.

Picture of a wireless phone charger