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Ace those New Year resolutions with a Pavlok ($150). Based on Aversion Training science, the Pavlok wristband vibrates to reward you for good behavior, or gives you a zap (yes, really!) to train away bad behavior. It’s been used to quit smoking, nail biting, mindless eating, and sleeping in, among other things.

It’s not easy to get your kids into the habit of brushing properly, but the Kolibree’s Smart Toothbrush (£85/$150) gamifies the experience, encouraging them to brush longer and more thoroughly. Best of all, it tracks data on brushing habits and under-brushed areas so you can coach your kid (or yourself!) into a sparkly white smile.

Check your condition at the office party and always win the argument about who should (or shouldn’t) be driving home after a night out. The AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer (£40/$50) cunningly looks like a dictaphone and will accurately measure your level of merriness in seconds.