Essentia Insight Partner

If you’re a former Portfolio Manager who wants to keep a foot in the game, enjoys coaching other PMs and values flexibility in your work life, you could make a great Essentia Insight Partner.

Our Insight Partners are very special people:

  • They are seasoned professional investors who have managed either hedge fund or traditional active equity strategies
  • They have both a strong sense of empathy and an interest in helping others be the best fund managers they can be
  • They are people who are constantly looking to grow, as individuals, and who relish opportunities for learning
  • They are up for learning how to use new technology
  • They are true believers in the concept of using a data-driven feedback loop to continuously improve investment performance.

If you think you might make a great Essentia Insight Partner, let’s talk!

NOTE TO RECRUITMENT COMPANIES: We’re inundated with requests from eager recruiters just like you. However, we already have our preferred recruitment partners in place and we’re busy building award-winning behavioral software. Please understand if we don’t get back to you.