Essentia Note

Hone your process and maintain trading discipline

Essentia Note makes investment journaling as simple as replying to an email, but its power lies in its ability to collect and securely store both structured and unstructured data about the investment process.

Essentia Note takes the work you are already doing and turns each idea into a dossier – and into data that can be seamlessly analyzed in Essentia Insight.

How will our investment journal help you?

man using Essentia Note

Connect process to outcome

Unlike traditional research management systems, Essentia Note connects the research process to the trading decision and P&L outcome. That means it’s easy to tell yourself and your investors the true story of any position from start to finish.

Essentia Note assumes you don’t want to log in to enter data every time you have a thought. It leverages the work you’re already doing, via email and Evernote, and proactively prompts you to review positions and make notes at crucial moments.

Capture the context

With the constant flood of information you face, the trick is to capture your thought at the moment you have it, and then send it somewhere centralized and secure where it is automatically associated with the relevant positions.

The pressure to keep clear records around investment decisions has never been greater, and with Essentia Note, it’s never been easier.

Essentia note in use

Who will benefit from Essentia Note?