Play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses

Insight is the analytics engine within Essentia’s data-driven feedback loop. Use its data and intelligent reporting to enhance investment skill, reduce cognitive bias and tackle any unhelpful decision-making habits.

Actionable data

Essentia Insight analyzes your trade, holdings and risk data to reveal statistically-significant behavioral patterns in your investment activity. These are then translated into actionable insights that help you continually improve your performance.

Insight also provides measures of investment skill (hit rates and payoffs, picking, timing, scaling, and trading around).

As well as a range of specially designed graphs and visualizations, insights from the software are presented in clear, plain-English text that cuts straight to what matters.

Ex-ante, as well as ex-post

Most performance analysis systems report on what happened in the past.

By contrast, Essentia Insight uses your daily trade data to uncover where detrimental patterns may be re-emerging and then proactively sends you messages to call your attention to at-risk current positions.

Insight’s actionable data and proactive nudges help you to do more of what you’re good at (and less of what you’re not).

Help, not finger-pointing

A highly valuable part of the Insight service is the quarterly exploration sessions with an Essentia Consultant.

All our consultants are former portfolio managers so they have the understanding and experience to help you review and probe the insights coming out of the data.

Your own big data

Insight captures a wide range of data related to your investment activity (including reasons for a trade, conviction level, idea source and target price). This complete picture of a position allows Insight to analyze your activity at a more granular level.

And if you’re a wearable technology fan, we can hook your biometric data up to Essentia Insight, and show you how things like sleep quality correlate with your investment decision-making.

Who will benefit from Essentia Insight?

Essentia Talisman Case Study

Case Study: Talisman Global Asset Management

See how Essentia Insight integrates with your daily workflow and the ways it can help improve your investment decision-making process.

Essentia Insight FAQ

How much does Insight cost?

Insight doesn’t come cheap, but it’s been proven to deliver an average of 70bps in improved performance, so the ROI is massive. The service starts at $50k per year, depending on the number of portfolios involved.

What instruments does it handle?

Insight currently handles equity and equity-like instruments (ETFs, CFDs with an equity underlying). We’re in the process of adding analysis of other instruments – if you’re interested in helping us prioritize which come first, let us know.

What data do you need?

You supply the historical and daily trade and holdings data, via CSV file, and if you’re a relative return manager, the index data, too. We supply the price and reference data, courtesy of Factset. Essentia has a tried-and-tested process for making the data upload process simple to establish and automate, and our dedicated Data Onboarding Team is there to help, every step of the way.

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