Active investors use Essentia to unlock behavioral alpha®

What is behavioral alpha?

Behavioral alpha is the excess investment return that results from mitigating the cognitive biases hidden in your decision-making process.

Better Feedback, Better Performance

Essentia combines data analytics and specialist behavioral coaching to provide a powerful feedback loop for active investment decisions. The result is continuous improvement, greater process discipline and proven gains in investment performance.

Essentia has helped equity fund managers to uncover an average of 94 bps of excess return per annum that had previously been lost to behavioral biases or other common decision-making deficiencies. All without taking on additional risk.

New Investment Behavior Insight

With a combination of machine learning and deep domain expertise, Essentia identifies material, statistically-significant behavioral patterns in a portfolio manager's investment activity.

Intelligent, Tailored Nudges

Essentia’s Insight Partners work with each portfolio manager to design personalized, automated nudges that flag detrimental behavioral patterns, mitigate bias and encourage decision-making discipline on ex-ante, day-to-day basis.

Measurably Better Decisions

The Essentia service is built to deliver better decision-making habits, a reinforced investment process and improved performance. Also, its clear and objective reporting can be used to evidence a fund manager's value-add to clients and fund allocators.

“Essentia has become an invaluable tool to iterate improvements to my investment process.”
Greg Dean, CFAPrincipal and Portfolio Manager, Cambridge Global Asset Management

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