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The numbers behind the score

If you watched Wimbledon this year, you'll know that data-driven insights and analysis are fast becoming part of the tennis landscape. Guest blogger John Quartararo takes a closer look at the ways the world's best tennis players and their coaches are using technology to improve performance, and considers how it applies to the investment world.

Investment Management and AI: More partnership than takeover

Artificial intelligence is not yet capable of replacing human fund managers altogether, but a new categorisation of AI - augmented intelligence - is fast becoming the secret weapon of enlightened human portfolio managers. We explore how they're doing it, and why the rest of the industry must follow suit as a matter of survival.

What we’re listening to – our favorite podcasts

As podcasting comes of age, there's been an explosion in the number of high quality broadcasts available. Listen online or download to your phone, here are 10 of the best podcasts for news & trends in technology, behavioral finance and entrepreneurship.

Can portfolio managers win from MiFID 2?

The fast-approaching MiFID 2 deadline is a welcome endpoint for many ops and compliance teams. But for those fund managers using next-generation analytics to improve performance, the recently created MiFID-driven data sets are an invaluable source of insight.

Juniorization in asset management: Are you ready?

The investment management industry has traditionally placed a lot of emphasis on time as a teacher. Will the trend towards juniorization undermine this skill base - or is this an opportunity to reinvigorate active management with new blood that's more attuned to data-driven learning?

The one thing worth doing differently in 2017

Acing those new year resolutions is hard - especially when you're a busy portfolio manager swamped with demands on your time. But don't give up! Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia CEO, reveals her simple, science-based tip for making 2017 a year of positive change.

Santa’s Top 10 Gifts for Behavioral Improvement

This year, give the gift of self-improvement. Here are the big man's best ideas for getting family, friends and colleagues into new and better habits.

5 easy ways to improve your process using behavioral science

Incorporating behavioral science into your investment process doesn't have to be difficult. We present five simple techniques to reinforce the scientific rigor of your investment decision-making routine.

Winning gold in fund management

The Performance Revolution of the 80's and 90's had a dramatic impact on British sport and was a major factor in the UK's Olympic success at Rio. What are the lessons for active managers in an increasingly competitive fund flow arena?

What we’re reading

By popular demand and after lots of great suggestions from you, we've updated the Essentia Recommended Reading List (one of our most downloaded white papers). Check out the additions to one of the best surveys of behavioral titles available.